XRP is not just a coin that can be used to exchange value, it’s a business solution for financial institutions doing cross-border payments. If it can provide the service they need better and cheaper than the main competitor (SWIFT) then the fact it works with banks, etc. does indeed portend to success. As for XLM, the fact it plans to give out tokens doesn’t necessarily correlate to their eventual value or the success of the project. Stellar is targeting a massive addressable market, the technology has proven use cases, companies are starting to use XLM as a base pair, and stablecoins are being launched on Stellar. If ICOs start to choose the Stellar blockchain and if Coinbase adds XLM its future looks promising indeed. While for XRP, the key is competing with SWIFT in a more narrow market niche, for Stellar it is mass adoption. In both cases, the value will come from the usefulness of the coins.

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