Staking Made Simple: Generating Passive Income by Holding Cryptocurrency

TL;DR: Staking coins using a staking service like Kucoin’s Pool-X is the easiest way to earn passive income from cryptocurrency.

How to Generate Free Cryptocurrency

As a reward for staking coins (as opposed to selling or trading them) individuals get a portion of the daily transaction fees generated over the entire network. Staking is also sometimes talked about as a way of generating “passive income,” since once coins are staked it takes no work for the daily rewards come in.

Where to Stake?

Staking Made Simple

Getting Started

Second, deposit or buy coins for staking.

Third, go to the “earn” tab in your Kucoin account to access the Pool-X staking service.

For those who are new to staking and don’t have a lot of cash to spare, I recommend starting with coins like TRX, IOTX and IOST, simply because they are relatively cheap to buy. These can all be purchased on Kucoin and staked on Pool-X.

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