Introducing Pepémon: Gotta Farm ’em All!

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Meme coins and DeFi platforms are popular in the crypto world right now. Now, imagine a game that combines cryptocurrency, DeFi staking, NFT farming, Pepé the Frog and Pokemon….

Pepémon started as an experiment between developers and graphic designers. But it quickly evolved from an inside joke into a project with real potential. The dev team is hard at work preparing for the launch of Pepémon NTFs in the next few days and a full-fledged game is in the works.

Pepémon’s native token is Pebeballz ($PPBLZ). The total supply is only 14,000, with 98.86% airdropped to community members.

That means there was no pre-sale. All PPBLZ were distributed for free.

PPBLZ holders and Uniswap Liquidity providers (UNI-V2-PPBLZ owners) can stake their coins to farm PPDEX. PPDEX is a critical part of the Pepémon ecosystem as this token will be used to farm the first starter Pepémon and limited edition NFTs, as well as fuel further development of the Pepémon game. PPDEX can also be used to buy limited time/edition Pepémon NFTs on Rarible or Opensea.

To get PPDEX you have to stake PPBLZ and/or UNI-V2-PPBLZ (see here how).

If you have any of these two tokens in your wallet you can go to and click “staking” at the top of the page. Unlock your wallet (metamask or wallet connect) and you will see the staking dashboard. This is where you can stake PPBLZ to earn PPDEX. UNI-V2-PPBLZ LP tokens receive a boost in earned PPDEX.

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You can claim the farmed PPDEX at any point by using ‘claim’ function on the platform.

This project is having a fair launch. No one farmed millions of PPDEX before the website was up. There is no pre-sale or pre-mine for PPDEX.

Holding PPDEX lets you mint for a limited time a limited number of Pepémon NFTs. Once minted, the Pepémons can be sold on secondary markets like opensea or used in the game that is being developed in the upcoming stages of the project.

The first origin series of NFT cards is currently being minted. So far 12250 PPDEX has been spent in store, which translated into more than $100k of digital art sales in just 4 days. So far regular and golden pepamanders, pepeturtles, pepesaurs, and pepechus have been minted. The first card in the character series debuted today:

Meet Pepe Ketchum

Pepe Ketchum is a 10-year-old Pepémon Trainer from Pepellet Town who has always dreamed of becoming the world’s greatest Pepémon Master. …Pepe travels with Wisty and Bobo Rock, farming new Pepémon along the way.

More character cards are on the way:

Meet Bobo Rock

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Bobo rock aspires to be the greatest Pepémon Breeder, and gives up his title of Gym Leader after Pepe Ketchum wins his first Pepémon League Gym Badge from him.

Meet Wisty

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Wisty is an aspiring Pepémon Master and a traveling partner of Pepé.

Meet Professor Pedo

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Professor Pedo is a cryptocurrency researcher and enthusiast. Three Trainers from Pepellet Town come to Professor Pedo’s lab to become Pepémon Trainers. Pedo gives them each a starter Pepémon, including his Pepertle. But beware when starting your journey as a Pepémon Trainer, he will check if you’re a boy or a girl under your pants.

Pepémon is a fun community project with some real potential in the DeFi space. Pepémon NTFs are launching and starting to trade on secondary markets. If this sustains we will see the potential of this project come to fruition.

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