Meme coins and DeFi platforms are popular in the crypto world right now. Now, imagine a game that combines cryptocurrency, DeFi staking, NFT farming, Pepé the Frog and Pokemon….

Pepémon started as an experiment between developers and graphic designers. But it quickly evolved from an inside joke into a project with real potential. The dev team is hard at work preparing for the launch of Pepémon NTFs in the next few days and a full-fledged game is in the works.

Pepémon’s native token is Pebeballz ($PPBLZ). The total supply is only 14,000, with 98.86% airdropped to community members.


A small but growing industry of luxury boutiques that cater exclusively to cryptocurrency holders has emerged. This article profiles a pioneer in this area: BitDials, which was the world’s first cryptocurrency-only online luxury store.

Most people who have spent any time in the crypto space are familiar with the “Lambo” meme. It refers to bitcoin enthusiasts’ tendency to buy Lamborghinis as a way of cashing in on the value of their crypto. However, as cryptocurrency pushes into the mainstream a lot more options are becoming available for holders looking to use their coins to buy luxury goods.

Charting the Growth of Cryptocurrencies

BitDials was started by an early crypto adopter and an established watch retailer in Germany in 2016. Instead of offering Lambos, BitDials started with high-end luxury watches. In the crypto space, however, four years is a long…

Everyone has noticed stories in the media of massive data breaches that compromise the privacy and security of individuals. For example, Marriott Hotel’s recent breach or the infamous fappening/celebgate that saw celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence have their iCloud hacked. These events reflect the inherent vulnerability of centralized data storage to digital attack and theft.

The reason is easy to grasp: all the information is stored in one place. Mainstream mass data storage solutions usually store each data object on one or two servers. …

By Mina Down on The Capital

The cryptocurrency market is heating up and many are calling 2020 Bitcoin’s next “bull run” year.

But out of the thousands of cryptocurrencies available, it is hard to know which have a future without putting a lot of time and energy into researching them. I have done this research and in this article, I highlight 11 Altcoins I think have the greatest potential for growth in 2020. Please consider using my referral link when signing up for any new exchanges.

Ethereum (ETH)

ethereum was created in 2015 and it remains my top choice of altcoin. ETH has massive potential and has been…

TL;DR: Staking coins using a staking service like Kucoin’s Pool-X is the easiest way to earn passive income from cryptocurrency.

How to Generate Free Cryptocurrency

One of the most popular ways of earning profit in the cryptocurrency space is through something called “staking.” Staking involves holding a number of coins to help enable the functioning of a blockchain.

As a reward for staking coins (as opposed to selling or trading them) individuals get a portion of the daily transaction fees generated over the entire network. …

Several enterprises have developed services that let individuals and businesses use cryptocurrencies as loan collateral.

Currently, the value of all the bitcoin in the world is $154 billion. And, Bitcoin is only the most well-known cryptocurrency in the global economy. If we combine the value of bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies with a market cap of at least $1 billion, such as ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, the total value comes to approximately $210 billion.

Financially speaking, this value is under-leveraged. Unlike conventional assets, cryptocurrencies are not integrated into the mainstream financial system and can’t be used as collateral for loans and other financial instruments. The value of cryptocurrencies remains mostly untapped.

Several enterprises have identified this…

Blocknet Protocol is a blockchain-agnostic platform designed to help developers launch new applications using features from various blockchains. If developers want to build on EOS but use smart contracts from Ethereum, they can with Blocknet.

Why Decentralization is Important

The internet is currently centralized. Centralization refers to a structure where one or a small number of entities control an entire network. At the moment, a small number of technology companies exert the most control over the internet and are powerful enough to set industry standards. Smaller entities are forced to use similar methods of operation. This is one way the current internet is centralized.

Blockchain Could Power a Decentralized Internet

Blockchain technology has been touted as the solution to centralization. A decentralized internet based on blockchain would rely on a network of many devices, as opposed to large corporate servers. Each device connected to the…

Blocknet is moving to the v18 base chain and gearing up to support business customers with the release of XRouter 1.0. In this article, I take a look at the inner workings of the Blocknet Protocol and what it offers.

Why Decentralization is Important

The internet as we know it is centralized. Centralization refers to a structure where one or a small number of entities control an entire network. At the moment, a small number of technology companies exert the most control over the internet and are powerful enough to set industry standards. Smaller entities are forced to use similar methods of operation. …

The first blockchain phone call took place last October with a prototype developed by Function X, a new decentralized internet service framework. Now the prototype has been refined and is nearly ready for public release. The phone is dubbed “BOB,” which stands for “Blok On Blok.” BOB will be compatible with Android 9.0 and users will be able to switch between Android and blockchain modes on their phones.

How Blockchain Can Improve Mobile Service

BOB has its own blockchain operating system or OS, called Function X or f(x). When BOB is set to blockchain mode, every bit of data sent through the phone is executed through…

Some of the most urgent issues facing supply chains can be addressed through blockchain technology, as it provides novel ways to record, transmit and share data.

A supply chain is a network of people and businesses involved in creating and distributing a product or service. It includes everything from the extraction of raw materials to the end consumers who purchase the product or service. A basic supply chain system involves suppliers of materials, manufacturers who turn it into a commodity, the logistics companies that manage the transportation of the raw material and commodities, as well as the final retailers that sell goods to consumers.

As supply chains have become global, the simple network of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers described above has developed into a complex environment…

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