A small but growing industry of luxury boutiques that cater exclusively to cryptocurrency holders has emerged. This article profiles a pioneer in this area: BitDials, which was the world’s first cryptocurrency-only online luxury store.

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By Mina Down on The Capital

How to Generate Free Cryptocurrency

Several enterprises have developed services that let individuals and businesses use cryptocurrencies as loan collateral.

Blocknet Protocol is a blockchain-agnostic platform designed to help developers launch new applications using features from various blockchains. If developers want to build on EOS but use smart contracts from Ethereum, they can with Blocknet.

Why Decentralization is Important

Why Decentralization is Important

Some of the most urgent issues facing supply chains can be addressed through blockchain technology, as it provides novel ways to record, transmit and share data.

Mina Down

Writer interested in blockchain projects that will add to the social good

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